globalità dei linguaggi

PRENATALS STYLES in The Arts and The Life

S. Guerra Lisi, G. Stefani, "Acta Semiotica Fennica", XXIV, 2006

In this book the authors develop a theory of styles of expression that are constituted before birth, during intra-uterine life. The theory interprets artistic expressions - fine and plastic arts, poet­ry, music, dance - as well as behaviors of both infant and adult, including so-called "nonsensical" ones of persons with serious hand­icaps. The basic assumption is that prenatal life, with its universal arche­types and unique imprinting, leaves deep and indelible traces on the person's further development. Those traces are particularly evident in artistic activities, in stages of infancy, and in persons with handicaps. This insight has been theorized and put to use in the Globality of Languages (Globalità dei Linguaggi), a discipline created, practiced, and taught by Stefania Guerra Lisi for more than thirty years.

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